A local tour offering an authentic Antiguan Experience

COST $360 US
WEAR Comfortable clothing, walking shoes, hat, and sunscreen.
Guided Tour services Admission Tickets
Bottle of cold water, Samples of local food Private transportation in air-conditioned comfort
The entire tour will be captured on camera. Flash drive with photos

I am delighted to offer you an authentic experience in Antigua.  We will drive through the beautiful scenic landscapes and stop at several historic and heritage sites. Your day will be filled with lasting experiences as you submerged in the traditional village lifestyle, sample the local foods, and hear the stories and folktales of the Island.  Great opportunity to interact with the locals, sample speaking the dialects.    

This tour will also take you off the beaten path as you journey through the traditional village communities.   

Discover one of Antigua’s White Sandy be sure to leave your signature in the sand.


Step 1

Start your day with a tour of the Craft Market. Experience and interact with local artisans. Walkthrough the Fruit and Vegetable Market of St. John’s and get a taste of Antigua’s indigenous fruits. Photos allowed.

Step 2

We will stop at a traditional Rasta shack and experience the traditional cooking methods. Photo opportunity

Step 3

We will journey through the local village communities on our way to the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site.
• Explore Nelson’s Dockyard Museum. Look for Lord Nelson’s Bed
• Discover the Boat House Pillars and the 18th-century buildings still in use today.
• If Super yacht is on the Dock – Grab a Photo
• Visit the Dow’s Hill Fort/ Sound and Light Show featuring Antigua’s History, Cricket/Carnival.
• Shirley Heights Panoramic view – the most photographed area in the Caribbean.
• Enjoy Lunch at a waterfront restaurant.

Leave your footprint on one of our white sandy beaches.


Step 4

The return trip is through the Rainforest.

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